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The McPherson Convention and Visitors Bureau assists with the development of events, attractions, conventions and recreational activities to promote the City of McPherson with the ultimate goal of becoming an overnight travel destination.

The McPherson Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) is responsible for promoting the City of McPherson and attracting visitors of all ages. This is accomplished through the recruitment of conventions, sports tournaments and special events. McPherson’s central location is especially convenient for statewide meetings and gatherings. The CVB is available to plan itineraries based on group needs, allotted time and availability of local facilities and personnel. The CVB recently moved its office from the Chamber of Commerce building at 306 N. Main to the McPherson Museum at 1111 E. Kansas. The move is part of a comprehensive plan to establish a Kansas Travel Information Center in McPherson and to support the ongoing efforts of the museum.

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  1. Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Physical Address
    1111 E. Kansas
    McPherson, KS 67460

    Phone: 620.241.3340
    Fax: 620.241.2676