Volunteer Rules & Regulations

In order to ensure the safety of all volunteers as well as the safety of the animals at the McPherson Animal Shelter, the following procedures are posted to be followed by all personnel:
  • All volunteer personnel must use a leash when handling a dog. It is a good idea to carry one with you at all times when you are at the animal shelter
  • All volunteer personnel must wear proper clothing. Long pants and long-sleeve shirts are required to protect your legs and arms from splatter and scratches. No vulgar language or images is permitted on clothing. Do not wear anything you do not want stained.
  • All volunteer personnel must wear proper footwear with rubber non-slip soles. The kennel floors are slick when wet, and you need to have proper footing while walking a dog on a leash.
  • All volunteer personnel must wear rubber gloves when handling animals and cleaning pens. There are several boxes of gloves located throughout the shelter.
  • All volunteer personnel should park in the west parking lot in the stalls provided.
  • All volunteer personnel will treat all animals with respect and care.
  • Do not bring any other people with you to your shift, unless otherwise approved. No volunteers will work in the shelter unless they have filled out all required paperwork. Volunteers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while at the shelter.
  • If you are planning on not coming in to help, let us know ahead of time. The shelter phone has an answering service. You may leave a message 24/7 at 620-245-2583.
  • Report all injuries attained at the shelter immediately to whoever is in charge at the time. There is an emergency medical kit located in the shelter food preparation room.
  • When walking a dog for exercise, all volunteers will first check with the shelter staff to confirm which animals can be walked. Volunteers will take appropriate items with them to pick up any feces, so we do not upset any of our neighbors.
The McPherson Animal Shelter staff has the right to refuse any volunteer access to certain areas of the shelter at any given time. It is the volunteer's responsibility to ask each time they enter the shelter if there are any areas that are off-limits that day. Shelter staff also reserves the right to ask any volunteer to leave the shelter premises if they are not following the aforementioned rules.


Sonia Luttig

Animal Shelter Director