Street Improvement Priorities

Renewing the half-cent sales tax NOW will allow for budget planning, and will provide the City of McPherson adequate time to gather public input about future projects. The City needs to continue improving streets and performing preventative street maintenance. Much has been accomplished within the first seven years of the current sales tac, but there are many streets still in dire need of repair.

The City of McPherson is asking to renew the half-cent sales tax already in place. This is NOT an additional tax. The renewal will continue for ten more years, allowing the City to put more emphasis on residential streets. The City Commission is committed to completing two projects in each quadrant within the City limits. Quadrant meetings held during 2017 allowed for public input about potential projects. Residents were also encouraged to complete a related survey.

When identifying street improvement priorities, the Public Works Department utilizes a map that divides the City of McPherson into four (4) quadrants by Kansas Avenue and Main Street. Quadrant 1 is the section located north of Kansas Avenue and east of Main Street. Quadrant 2 is located north of Kansas Avenue and west of Main Street. Quadrant 3 is located south of Kansas Avenue and west of Main Street. And Quadrant 4 is the area south of Kansas Avenue and east of Main Street.


The half-cent sales tax generates approximately $1.5 million annually. More than 25 street improvements projects have been completed using the tax dollars collected during the first seven years. View the sales tax history map

Cost Benefit Factor


A Cost Benefit Factor (CBF) is determined to help prioritize street projects. The formula for the CBF is the surface area multiplied by the average daily traffic, times the change in the pavement quality index (the PQI after the improvement minus the PQI before the improvement) all divided by the rehabilitation cost. View the Cost Benefit Factor formula


There are a wide range of potential street improvement projects in McPherson, which are ranked by the Public Works Department based on the Cost Benefit Factor (CBF). The CBF is greatly influenced by the traffic count. View the Reconstruction Priorities map
Based on the CBF formula, the top five projects in the northeast section of the City, Quadrant 1, include East Northview Road, East Hulse Street, North Oak Street, East Lakeside Drive and North Cherry Street. The public is encouraged to identify other streets for consideration. View Quadrant 1 map


In quadrant 2, the northwest section of the City, the top five (5) projects identified by the CBF formula include West Northview Road, West Marlin Street, Penn Drive, Fourth Street and Walnut Drive. The public is encouraged to recommend other streets for consideration. View Quadrant 2 map


Looking at the southwest section of the City, Quadrant 3, the CBF formula suggests the top five projects should be South Hickory Street, South Walnut Street, West Avenue C, West Skancke Street and Washington Street. As with all quadrants, the City recognizes there are additional street needs and public opinion will help identify projects. View Quadrant 3 map


Quadrant 4, located in the southeast portion of the City also has five (5) priority projects identified by the CBF formula. Included are two (2) sections of Avenue A, South Hartup Street, South Front Street, and East Elizabeth Street. As with the other quadrants, public opinion will help determine other streets in need of repair. View Quadrant 4 map