Wastewater Department

Wastewater Facility Aerial View
The City of McPherson is responsible for providing reliable sewer service to the entire community. If you have a problem with your sanitary sewer system, it could be in your own lateral system or it could be in the city’s sewer main. If the problem is in the city’s main, the city will correct the problem at no cost to the homeowner.

If you suspect the problem may be in the city’s main, please contact us. You will not be charged by the city to investigate whether the problem is coming from a city main or your personal lateral line. This is a service you are entitled to as a resident of the City of McPherson.  

Reporting a sewer backup or suspected main line problem requiring immediate attention.

To contact us for a sewer problem you need to do the following: 

DO NOT CALL THE WASTEWATER TREATMENT FACILITY AT 245-2540 OR THE SUPERINTENDENT AT 245-7744.     Those numbers are for normal business only. If you call those numbers you may be directed to leave a message. Those messages may not be replied to immediately. In order to insure your problem is taken care of as fast as possible please use one of the options below to insure that your call is handled by a city employee directly, not a machine.

  • During normal business hours, call the Department of Public Works at 620-245-2545. We will take your information and relay it to the appropriate response personnel.
  • After hours, or on weekends and holidays, call the Law Enforcement Center at 620-245-1200. The dispatcher will take your information and relay it to the appropriate response personnel.
Make sure to leave a contact number with the operator taking your call. After assessing the problem, response personnel will contact you with the results of their investigation. If the city main is not the problem, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to contact a plumber and the expense of the repair will be yours. The city does not participate in sewer issues not involving the main system.