Goals & Projects

Turkey Creek Golf Course manages an ongoing list of goals and projects while striving to maintain the golf course, clubhouse and maintenance shop. Routine activities include removing dead trees, reducing weeds in native grass areas, addressing drainage issues and planting new trees.

Projects in progress or recently completed include:

  • Cleaning up the outside of the maintenance shop, and reorganizing the inside of the maintenance shop
  • Cutting and disposing of dead trees
  • Filling in Number 10 bunker, grade, and seed
  • Finding a solution for the Number 16 fairway
  • Finishing the planting and grow-in of the sod farm
  • Fixing the fill line on the pond on Number 18
  • Keeping weeds down in native grass on Number 5, 6, and 7
  • Planting a tree on Number 18 and Number 10 fairways
  • Addressing drainage on the Number 11 cart path