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City Clerk/Administrator Office

Jeffrey HoustonCity Attorney620-245-2535620-245-2549
City Clerk620-245-2535620-245-2549
Deputy City Clerk/Assist to the City Administrator620-245-2535620-245-2549
City Treasurer/Finance Director620-245-2535620-245-2549
City Administrator620 245-2535620 245-2549
Account Payable Clerk620 245-2535620 245-2549
Finance Assistant620-245-2535620-245-2549
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City Commission

Commissioner of Streets and Utilities620-245-2535620-245-2549
Commissioner of Public Facilities620-245-2535620-245-2549
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Municipal Court

William S. MillsMunicipal Judge620-245-2507620-245-2503
Municpal Court Clerk620-245-2507620-245-2503
Assistant Municipal Court Clerk620-245-2507620-245-2503
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Public Library

Steve ReadDirector620-245-2570620-245-2590
JoAnn CristAdministrative Assistant620-245-2570620-245-2590
Shirley EsauLibrary Assistant II620-245-2570620-245-2590
Ann AndersonLibrary Assistant620-245-2570620-245-2590
Jennie HallHead of Adult Services620-245-2570620-245-2590
Mandy OlneyChildren's & Youth Services Coordinator620-245-2570620-245-2590
Coleta SteersTechnical Services Coordinator620-245-2570620-245-2590
Carol GarrisonLibrary Assistant620-245-2570620-245-2590
Amy StrellaLibrary Assistant620-245-2570620-245-2590
Brenda BoswellLibrary Assistant620-245-2570620-245-2590
Olivia FortuneTechnical Services Assistant620-245-2570620-245-2590
Elizabeth WilsonChildren's Services Assistant620-245-2570620-245-2590
12 Records Found

Last Updated: 09/30/2014 - 25 Records Found.


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