City of McPherson, Kansas

Cemetery Burial Records

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Carlson, Doris Dean (Tipton)F19262015Y
Fiedler, Geraldine Catherine "Gerry" (Leiker)F19312015Y
Danford, Ann Marie (Martini)F19332015Y
Yeakel, Kennedy AnnF20152015Y
Hinderliter, Lisa LynnF19752015Y
Raleigh, George DaleM19212015Y
Buck, Valerie Ann "Val" (Gates)F19652015Y
Robins, Kenneth Wayne, Sr.M19412015Y
Young, Carl FrancisM19172015Y
Rich, Florence Marie (Helberg)F19332015Y
Opat, Adam BernardM19282015
Elmore, Carolyn Janette (Cole)F19342015
Funk, Glenford E. "Glen"M19192015
Gayer, Loreen Faye (Cline)F19342015Y
Rivas, Daniel "Danny"M19262015Y
Sink, Jan (Carpenter)F19352015
Trindal, Donna Irene (Cyr)F19272015
Peer, Albert DeanM19212015Y
Heidebrecht, Carmon RayM19342015Y
Beasley, RoscoeM19332015Y
Anderson, Maynard Kent "Kent"M19412014Y
Huff, William Edmond "Bill"M19322014
Skipworth, Jimmy LynnM19452014Y
Waldo, Ray JuniorM19332014Y
Padgett, Margaret Lenore (Straka)F19282014Y

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