McPherson Murals

Downtown McPherson is the site of a mural collection funded by the McPherson Convention and Visitors Bureau. Each mural depicts a historical feature unique to the community and can be viewed during a self-guided walking or driving tour. Learn more about McPherson when viewing these works of art. Other outdoor paintings of interest include the Easy Rider (304 N. Maple) and the restored Coca-Cola advertisement on the McPherson Opera House (219 N. Main).

All Schools Day Mural
123 S. Main Street
The mural commemorates the 100th anniversary of All Schools Day, a local holiday honoring education throughout McPherson County. The event is is the longest running celebration of its kinds in the United States.

Central Christian College Mural
Main & Marlin Streets
Presented on a canvas representing the state of Kansas the mural 
features Central Christian College, a local four-year liberal arts setting advocating personal growth in the areas of body, heart, mind and soul.

Maxwell Wildlife Refuge Mural
Sutherland & Main Streets
"Bison" was painted  on site by local artist Matthew Richter in 2013. The mural highlights the Kansas prairie, native animals and summer skies found at Maxwell Wildlife Refuge in nearby Canton, Kansas.

McPherson College Auto Restoration Mural
Euclid & Main Streets
McPherson College is the only college in the United States offering a four-year degree in Automotive Restoration Technology. The mural provides a historical overview of the program.

McPherson Globe Refiners Mural
Ash Street & Kansas Avenue
The mural introduces the McPherson Globe Refiners - the local basketball team that won the first-ever Olympic gold medal in their sport during the 1936 Olympics. Their victory was the beginning of long-time basketball traditions in McPherson.

Veterans Memorial Mural
401 N. Main Street
Located on the American Legion building, the mural honors McPherson County veterans from the Civil War to the present.