1. Administration

    Administration associated with the City of McPherson is composed of three areas including City Administrator, City Clerk and Finance.

  2. Animal Shelter

    The McPherson Animal Shelter aims to facilitate responsible pet ownership and promote public health and safety. Find out how to adopt pets and get involved with the shelter.

  3. Building Inspection

  4. Code Enforcement

  5. Community Development

    The Community Development Department handles any matter pertaining to land development in the City of McPherson.

  6. Convention & Visitors Bureau

    The Convention & Visitors Bureau is a department of the city of McPherson that solicits and assists all types of visitors to the area.

  7. Fire Department

    The McPherson Fire Department addresses approximately 725 emergency calls yearly, including fires, medical emergencies, and vehicle accidents.

  8. Municipal Court

  9. Planning & Zoning

    Planning and Zoning Information

  10. Police Department

    Find out more about the services and staff of the McPherson Police Department

  11. Public Lands & Facilities

    The McPherson Public Lands and Facilities Department aims to develop and sustain quality facilities and public areas.

  12. Public Works

    Find out more about the City of McPherson's public works provided by the Street Department, Wastewater Department, Community Development Department, and others.